• Aira Gin Citrus Bliss – Special Edition

    Our Crafted Citrus Gin epitomises the essence of distillation at its finest. We distil it with our distinguished range of botanicals with a mesmerising tilt towards natural bee-pollinated citruses. The slightly delayed assault on your olfactory senses is deliberate and intended to heighten your enjoyment of the liquid heaven to cosmic and lugubrious levels as you transcend a spirit universe. This unisex offering attracts those who enjoy summer Gin cocktails or stick to the familiar G&T experience or who prefer it neat. This is where angels tread when they want the sophisticated devil in them to emerge. Great memories anyone?
    Aira Gin contains 43% Alcohol by volume. Not for people under 18 years of age. Drink responsibly!

Afrifood South Africa

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